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Would You Like Me To Personally Help You With Your Music Marketing and Branding?
Would You Like Me To Personally Help You With Your Music Marketing & Branding?

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Till Boadella
Product launch expert
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A Couple Of Final Words Before You Book Your Strategy Session
I've reached a point in my business where I can choose who I work with. And who not. Every week dozens of people visit this page and fill out an application. And yet only a small fraction of people make it through the application process and are accepted as private clients.

I only work with people who have the potential to become my next "dream" client. My "dream" clients are people who are willing to invest into their success and their personal education. They are people who demand of themselves to constantly grow and never stop learning. They are people who have their clients' best interest in mind. Just like I do.

That's exactly what I demand from myself and my team. And because of this, I want to play with open cards. How else could I tell you how to get your own "dream" clients and only work with these types of clients if I don't walk my talk and lead by example right from the start.

If this philosophy resonates with you, I would love to speak to you with no strings attached. And regardless if it leads to something or not, you'll walk away with a ton of value and clartiy.
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